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Everyday I can't4 help but to think, 'Why am I here?' Am I here fro a purpose? Am I ever going to make someone of myself? I can't believe I ever will at this state... I want to become a famous actor, writer, singer, poet, artist, & voice actor but is that ever really possible? People knock me down and make me cry. Ignore me. Scorn me. Abuse me. Hate me... The only joy I get is hanging out with friends or playing with my baby brothers. I feel alone in the world. Like I was put here to be a punching bag for others. I need someone to tell me that they'll be here for me. They'll be there when I cry. They'll feel my every pain. I wait & listen at night to hear the voice... But yet it never comes. I want to be someone's reason to live... Someone's absolute joy! I want that to be wh y I'm here... They haven't came along... Why am I here?

                                                                                                                                       -  SMM

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Why Am I here?, posted December 20th, 2012

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